Data Solutions, Inc
Data Solutions, Inc


Data Solutions, Inc
Data Solutions Software team of professionals helps the businesses to achieve the kind of significant impact that drives competitive advantage in the wide array of markets. Consequently, we seek for a new superior people with a combination of analytical skills, excellent academic results and outstanding personal attributes.
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Our Vision

Ultimately, the power of every organization lies with the talent and aspirations of its people. Our vision is to empower the HR function to acquire talented individuals, grow them to their full potential, and make decisions that will optimize human assets. We will achieve this vision by eliminating the shackles of legacy systems and automating HR processes.
We deliver technology and services that optimize the full measurement lifecycle:
Data Solutions is the leader in providing technology and services to HR organizations that are implementing talent optimization, performance management, and organizational research programs. Our history demonstrates consistent growth on all fronts:
  • Program Design and Work Flow Definition
  • Systems Integration
  • Program Administration and Support
  • Data Collection
  • Individual and Corporate Status
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Action Planning and Follow Up
  • Data and Norm Management
  • Corporate Oversight and Reporting
Data Solutions, Inc
Data Solutions, Inc